Friday, August 22, 2008

Exercise 7 - RSS Feeds

I've had a good look at the RSS feeds, and although I can see some people would find them useful, I prefer to subscribe to websites of interest via email.

I don't see the point in having to log into a web site, to pick up RSS feeds when I can have the latest news delivered to my email intray.

I have all my email subscriptions directed using "Rules" in my email client, to designated folders, depending on the subject (one for genealogy for example, and one for work related stuff - Library Thing etc). They sit there until I am ready to go and investigate.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What I love about technology …

I can't imagine my life without a computer or a cellphone now …

For me, its part of my daily life.

Every morning I get up and boot the computer up. I check email via POP.

I rarely send a fax or a letter any more. And people are much more likely to keep in touch – and the response time is much quicker than "snail mail."

If its a pay week, I check that my pay has gone in, and I pay my bills via internet banking. I can't remember the last time I wrote a cheque – wouldn't know where the cheque is even!

I get my phone bill via the internet.

I go to work, and I check my work email. During my breaks I check my home email, via webmail.

I use my cellphone at various times of the day, to communicate with my husband – and my friends and family. Usually by text (I have VF Txt2000). Sometimes I phone my husband for a chat (we also have VF BestMates). I am virtually contactable all the time – (which sometimes isn't a good thing LOL).

I use TradeMe to buy and sell items. I've bought many a bargain this way, and managed to sell many items:– even those that in days gone by, I would have just thrown out. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Searching and researching for things, has become extremely easy. I don't remember last time I used an actual telephone book. Why would I? The online version is more up to date! Wikipedia rocks!

I can get access to the Online Campus at The Open Polytechnic, for my Libray Studies.

I love Skype. We have relatives and friends all over the world. Most are in the UK. Our phone bill has shrunk to almost nothing, as Skype is free:– and we have the bonus of being able to see each other as well! We can also SMS via Skype, if one or both of us are having a "bad hair day" (or are still in their PJs LOL).

flopsy mopsy

flopsy mopsy
flopsy mopsy,
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My humble attempt at a librariantradingcard.

I imagine I could easily waste a whole day playing with things like this!

NSL Learning 2.0 – Flickr

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This is our ginger cat Monty, who loves to go "walkies" with our Chocolate Labrador, Sasha. Our cats (we also have Missy and Tabatha), love Sasha to bits – frequently grooming her and cleaning out her obviously very mucky ears. Monty is the only one to insist on going for a walk with Sasha – I suspect he thinks he is a dog really!