Monday, September 22, 2008

Exercise 21 - Social Networking

Well! I am already a member of FaceBook and Bebo.

I have to admit, I use Facebook loads more than Bebo. On FaceBook, I set up the North Shore Libraries group, some months ago. We now have 31 members. I made the group "invitation only" just to preserve our privacy.

The idea was to use it for social chit chat and goss across all the libraries. Another way of connecting the team together. We have some pictures posted, although the group has been rather quiet lately (largely, I expect, due to everyone being too busy working on Web 2.0 in their free time).

I joined Bebo a few months ago - mainly because I have teenage international students, and they wanted me to view their photos. Good way of keeping an eye on them too LOL!.

I recently found another social network site, called Not sure about that one. You can have too many membership I have found!

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