Monday, September 22, 2008

Exercise 23:- Reflecting on my journey!

Well, I have certainly enjoyed large parts of this exercise.

Parts of it, like Flickr's widgets, I doubt I will ever use again.

RSS feeds was probably the hardest exercise to complete. The rest was relatively simple. The hardest thing was finding time! Like most of us: juggling work, family, and library studies and other commitments!

I found delicious really useful, and will probably explore that in more depth when I have time. I can see that this will be quite useful:- portable bookmarks!

I liked finding out about creating an iGoogle page, which I found a tutorial for on podcasts.

I had been subscribing to LibraryThing for quite a while now, and find the info really interested. Some of it helps with my assignments.

I thought I might be tempted into playing with the look of my blog page, and adding bells and whistles. But basically didn't have time to.

I learned heaps - and while I might not use alot of it, at least I know its there now. It might be useful to be able to show my children some of it … and there are always patrons who might ask tricky questions.

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

Congratulations Flopsy Mopsy- what a great achievement to complete this while you have some many other commitments.
We have enjoyed reading your thoughts and are pleased you have found some valuable things on the way.
Bet Alice never found anything like this when she followed her White Rabbit! Time to celebrate with a bottle labelled 'Drink me':)