Thursday, November 12, 2009

Module 1 - Topic 2: Exercises - OpenID

It was interesting reading about OpenID. The article and the video were both easy to understand and very informative.

I kind of knew about OpenID, in that I have a Yahoo one and a GMail one that I use for different things. I find it useful, as I get fed up with having to create/remember different logins and passwords. They tie in with my disposable email accounts.

One of the ongoing issues for many people, I know, is that there are so many usernames, passwords, pin numbers etc that everyone has to remember.

I have a notebook at home, filled in, with different usernames, passwords, and email addresses for different websites. They all ask for different types of logins, so you often can't standardise anyway. And having a webmail account like GMail is handy, as if you change ISP you don't have to troll round all the websites you belong to, and update your email address.

However, I hadn't been deliberately using consciously on purpose - OpenID is something I found I had been using "accidentally".

I would never use OpenID for anything important. Just for non-critical online memberships. I don't trust anyone being in charge of my identity other than myself!

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