Sunday, November 29, 2009

Twitter and Libraries

I already follow Alexander Turnbull and National Library on Twitter. They send out Tweets as teasers:– a recent tweet from National Library states:

Megaphones and midget cars. This looks serious

At the digital conference, they said they try not to make it sound too much like a marketing communication. They want to intrigue people and draw them in, and use to truncate URLs.

AT's recent tweet was:

For starters : H1N1. Honey, what do you think of the Ebola ?

Access Science retweeted LISNews tweet:
LISNews: Rise Of The Web Librarian: An Elegant DMOZ Solution

I enjoyed that article, and like the title "Web Librarian".

Some of the tweets from others are boring though. And some tweets look more like personal communications than professional ones.

I think it would be great to start doing one for ours:– library events, new books, recommended books etc.

Come wiggle and sing, @ Wriggle and Rhyme

A separate Twitter account for Local History Online would be good too.

Can you tell us more about this photo?

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